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158, C.S.T. Road, Kalina, Santacruz (East)
Mumbai 400 098. India
CIN: U67120MH1996PTC098584

Disclaimer – Mobile App

This is to inform public at large that Infina Finance Private Limited (the Company) has neither engaged with any digital payment platforms nor has any Mobile Digital application for offering of its products. The Company neither solicits its products through digital payment platforms directly or through any individual person, entities or any third party mobile apps etc. The Company does not have, any mobile application which is made available on Google Play Store or any other App Store/Platform. The Company does not offer any of its products through any of its group company. The Company does not collect any fee for financing or arranging loans via any digital platform. Please note that the Company disclaims any liability of whatsoever nature and assumes no responsibility for any claim or dispute and resultant litigation, suit etc. arising out of any transaction that you may enter into with any person, entity or any third party in this regard.